I am a hobby musician and songwriter, and make music primarily for my own enjoyment. (Note that I am not the Alan Sanderson who is a professional recording engineer and producer. He is no relation to me.)

I also blog about medicine and religion, and about distance running. This website contains my current recording projects, as well as archives from older recordings. Please use the menu above to visit the individual album pages or the blog for more information and to post comments and feedback.

The music player below has all of the songs I have posted on the site. Right-click on a song name in the player to download the mp3 file. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the tunes!

All songs copyright Alan Sanderson or Claudia Doesn’t Like It.


Song for Evelyn

Here is my latest track for the Lost and Found album, an instrumental piece which I wrote for my baby girl Evelyn who died in March 2019. (Download: mp3 | tablature) About the Song Evelyn died unexpectedly at 4 months gestation. The cause was uncertain, but presumed to be placental failure. I wrote about the …


Here is another track for the Lost and Found album. download: mp3, tablature, lyrics &  guitar chords U-Turn words and music by Alan Sanderson I was lost on a lonely highway Trying to find my place in the sun And when I thought I’d found my destination I found my journey had just begun I …