Claudia Doesn’t Like It

This was my high school garage band. I have hours of poor quality recordings from this band in my archive, but I won’t post any of that here unless someone really begs for it. Some of our old concert videos are posted to the Claudia Facebook Page.

In 2001 I worked with Jake Bracken, the band’s bassist, on some digital recordings of our old songs, and some of those recordings turned out pretty well. We called this project “2001: A Claudyssey.” Also that year I started working on a new song with my brother Mark, called “Cyberian Joe.” See my blog post for more info on these recordings.

Information and Download Links:

Click on the song name to download the mp3.

song source files date related posts
The Yellow Banana Ant 2001 Ye Olde Garage Band
The Red Plastic Shark 2001 Ye Olde Garage Band
Nameless 2001 Ye Olde Garage Band
Cyberian Joe 11/2001 Ye Olde Garage Band

Equipment and Software:

  • Instruments: Fender Telecaster, Ibanez bass, Trekker guitar, Gibson Epiphone bass, old cheap drum set
  • Software: Samplitude, n-Track Studio

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