New Folder

Songs from 2000-2004 when I was studying biology at the university and teaching myself how to do digital multitrack recording.

Information and Download Links:

  1. The Dead Horse Revival (Download): An instrumental, my first song with programmed midi drums.
  2. Oasis (Download): Musings of a lonely single guy.
  3. Green Thumb [midi]  (Download): An upbeat electronic version of an old Claudia song, composed as the soundtrack for a TV commercial.
  4. Wormwood [midi]  (Download): Similar to Green Thumb.
  5. Song of Odysseus  (Download): A rewrite of an old Claudia song, using a recording from “2001: A Claudyssey” with new vocal tracks. Jake Bracken played bass.
  6. Lint in my Pocket  (Download): My first solo digital multitrack recording.
  7. Aurelia Aurita  (Download): Another early solo multitrack.

For more information see my blog post about these songs.

Equipment and Software:

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