Lost and Found

My current recording project, started in 2005. After a strong start I put the project on hold in 2008 because of family and work demands, but I started working on the album again in 2017. This is a work in progress, so visit us again or follow the blog for updates.

Info and Download Links:

  1. Alpha (download): A song originally recorded with Jim Ash in 1994. This arrangement is based on the original song, with quotes from some of the derivative works and a few new sounds added in. (8/2017)
  2. My Abode (download, tablature): About the changes that happened in my soul when I was lonely. (6/2018)
  3. Rising Sun (download): Rewrite of a post-Claudia song from 1996. (2/2006)
  4. Something Wrong (download): About a high school friend who had a psychotic break and ended up in a psychiatric hospital for a few weeks. (8/2005)
  5. Lullabye (download): A guitar piece written in 2000, with a chorus written in about 2006, but this recording was programmed using a software synthesizer. (9/2016)
  6. Standing On High (download): About a medical school classmate who disappeared and was never found. http://www.findbrianshaffer.com/ (2/2007)
  7. Healing Heart (download): Based on a song by Andrew Vavrek (CC-BY-SA) (11/2017)
  8. Omega (download): A simple keyboard song written in 1995, which later became a guitar grunge song in 1996. This recording is more similar to the original version. (8/2017)

You can find more info about these songs in blog posts: The Unfinished Album, Getting Things Started Again, A First Look at LMMS, Healing HeartWhen I Was Lonely, Guitar Tablature Editing on Linux.

Equipment and Software:

  • Instruments: Fender Telecaster, Takamine G-Series acoustic guitar, cheap old nylon string guitar, Gibson Epiphone bass, Austin Bazaar bass, Casio CZ-1, Rogue mandolin
  • Equipment: Shure SM-57, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • Multitrack recorder: Ardourn-Track Studio
  • Software Synthesizer: LMMS
  • Drum machine: Hydrogen
  • Notation Editor: MuseScore

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