There’s a Bright Day Coming

Here is an update to “Omega,” which will be the last track on my album.

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It Gets Worse Before it Gets Better

Have you ever started working on a small project, but ended up doing much more than you intended? Renovation and cleanup projects are often like that. It’s hard to clean the garage, for instance, without finding half a dozen little projects that all demand your attention, and to do a thorough job of cleaning usually takes a few hours. Halfway through the work you are likely to have things scattered all over the floor, and it probably looks worse than it did before you started.

Such was the case with Omega. Recall from my previous post that this song was a fairly simple synth instrumental, and I liked it a lot this way even though I knew that most listeners would just sort of gloss over the track. Earlier this year I listened to it on my brother-in-law’s amazing sound system and found my original mixdown somewhat lacking. The bass register was notably weak, so I decided to reopen the project and fix that while I was remastering all of the tracks for the album.
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Here is another track for the Lost and Found album.

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words and music by Alan Sanderson

I was lost on a lonely highway
Trying to find my place in the sun
And when I thought I’d found my destination
I found my journey had just begun

I wasn’t looking for adventure, oh no
I was just looking for a place to live my life
But I didn’t know which way was home anymore
I didn’t know which way was home

So I turned myself around
I did a U-turn on that highway
And I said to myself,
“Where are the mountains that I love?
Where’s the smell of rain in the desert?
And where are the people that I call my own?
Where are the people that I call my own?”
So I said to myself,

“I’m gonna find my way back home
I’m gonna find my way back home
I’m gonna find my way back home
I’m gonna find my way back home
Here I come!

“I’m gonna find those mountains that I love
I’m gonna find those people that I call my own
I’m gonna find my way back home”

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Healing Heart

I just finished another recording for the Lost and Found album, a song called “Healing Heart.”  (Download the mp3)

Look within your own heart
There is always another open part
This burden, can you forgive?
Oh, please forgive!
I sing for you and your healing heart

Deep within my own heart
Can I open another broken part?
This burden, I will forgive
I will forgive!
Oh, pray for me and my healing heart

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